Noble County Genealogy Society

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History of Noble County Vol II

Volume II is now available for sale either through the website or by contacting President Peggy Haxton! The book looks wonderful, and we would like to extend our thanks to all members of the public and all past and present members of NCGS who helped make this book a reality.

History of Noble County Vol I

We have sold out of the hard copies of Volume I. But we are proud to offer a digital, searchable version. Check the Book Order form for more information.

Book Order Form

Please print and mail our Book Order Form to get your copy of the History of Noble County, Oklahoma Vol I and II.

Our Mission

NCGS exists in order to:

Monthly Meetings

The Noble County Genealogy Society meets the third Friday of each month at the Perry Carnegie Library, located at 302 N. 7th Street. Meetings generally run from 10:30 AM - Noon, and are always open to the public.

Join Us!

If you are interested in the history of our area, and want to help preserve it with a fun, dedicated group of volunteers, please contact Peggy Haxton to join. The cost is $15.00 per year. If you do not live in our area but would still like to support our mission, you can be a non-local member for the same fee.

With Thanks To...

This website is respectfully dedicated to Member Emeritus Mildred Highfill, without whom the Noble County Genealogy Society would not be what it is today.